Ilashe Beach House

In the tranquil oasis of Ilashe, which sits between the long expanse that is Badagry creek and the Atlantic Ocean, is  an exquisite beach house/getaway. If you live in a city like Lagos with all of its legendary hustle and bustle, chances are you’re hoping to someday retire from all the noise and chaos to a nice quiet place somewhere with loads of money in the bank, and your significant other(s). This Beach House would be that place.

Covering about 1200 sqm, and built in just 9 months, the beach house is what I like to call “White and Wood”. It’s prominently white and masterfully complimented with wooden elements as well as rope and thatch. The design is not uber contemporary, but just the right mix of contemporary style and traditional form. Its aesthetic is akin to its location and surroundings, it’s not pretentious and very “African-esque” in how presents itself.

A U-Shaped layout, which forms a central court, allows the cool sea breeze permeate the entirety of the building. Most especially the outdoor/indoor entertainment and dining spaces, where there is this envy-inducing hanging patio sofa you’ll get to see at the end of this laudation. A large swimming pool sits right in the middle of the aforementioned court making it the focal point of that space. 

Going up the ‘rope-railing’ staircase, you arrive at a large first-floor terrace of one wing out of two, where the walls have gone from a pristine white to a marvelous textured bamboo cladding, that is practical, purse-friendly, perfect for the setting. Walking along the link bridge/breezeway bounded by more ‘rope-railings’ we come to the other wing of the house where we’re greeted by a Coconut tree sprouting through the first-floor slab in a most glorious fashion. It’s not something you usually see in these parts but is more than a welcome development. The majestic tree is “fenced off” by more ‘rope-railings’ providing shade and amenity to yet another expansive terrace. 

The first floor is where you get to come into the house proper, and where the brilliance of “White and Wood” is evident. Pristine white walls and surfaces are accentuated by large wood-frame windows and doors, more of those wonderful railings with imposing, well-spaced balusters and sumptuous wooden ceilings and floors. The balance and harmony are exemplary.  The second floor which is privately accessed is where sleep and a glorious view of the sea can be enjoyed from all 3 large bedrooms of the house. 


Private Client

Completion date

December 2013


Ilashe Nigeria